Welcome to Joia Muses where we share the new Muses of Today! We share Muses that ignite INSPIRATION…

We are about the Science and Art of Inspiration

You were born to live an Inspired Life

To be inspired is Living

We create Spaces of Inspiration

We bring Inspiration into each moment of your life
Through the ups and the downs,
The Ebb and the Flow

Bringing ” Source”, God, the Goddess, in to everything that you do.
Live Inspired…
Be Inspired…

Master Minds is all about Manifestation and being aligned to your purpose/creation

JoiaMuses is all about Who you are BEING as you create.
It is the Inside game of Manifestation..
We give you a Wholistic approach to manifestation.

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what is coming up soon…

Here is my NEW Book:


The Thoth Book of Magic

A Daily Guide to Manifest The Life Your Soul Intended

A Sacred Toolbox
with Step-by-Step Guidance
to Awaken your Divine Purpose, Power and Path

Presented by Nan Akaska, Thoth and Isis,
plus 18 Magical Manifesting Masters