Joia Meets the Muses

Joia-Green-Smile-12x18-72dpi”Suddenly they were here. I could feel them all around. They were many but I heard them as one. It felt like the realm of Angels, but it was different, a subtle vibrational difference. Angels, but not Angels. I could feel my heart opening as if the sun had burst from behind a cloud—full, bright and warm. It felt like a rainbow pouring into my heart, my mind, and my whole body was flooded with JOY. Who are you? I felt the question instead of speaking it. “We are Muses”, I heard. And through that special awakening to the Muses, I became the founder and creator of I am an inspiration mentor to visionary entrepreneurs. Because of this experience and my work in the world, I have been called by my clients — the Queen of Inspiration. Even before the Muse Awakening, I began my career as a high school teacher and very quickly moved into my destined role as a coach, facilitator and mentor by showing superintendents how to inspire their teams. From education, I moved into serving the corporate world as a business coach, consultant and facilitator specializing in bringing harmony, efficiency and greater achievement through teamwork. Although I live much of my life in the realm of Muses and Inspiration, I am also well grounded in the world of Business. After being in Education, I launched my coaching business. Then, My career and life came to a halt during a near death experience which became the catalyst to my deeper spiritual awakening. I made a conscious choice to come back and follow my calling. On a pivotal day, one of my clients called “me” their “muse.” I could feel destiny’s hand in my client’s words and made the conscious choice to dive into the great mystery of divine inspiration. You just heard what that awakening was like for me. From there I noticed a shift in my coaching, I helped my clients make seemingly impossible leaps into their dream jobs and lives. Now I bring divine inspiration and the miraculous into the lives and businesses of people all over the world.