Muse MasterMind Program

Live a Miraculous Life Muse Master Mind                                                                                               mastermind

A Different kind of Master Mind. This MasterMInd has Muses that blast your efforts to be more EFFECTIVE. We have an easy yet powerful supportive system to ensure your Success.

We help you manifest Your Dream Life———

Our System is proven, effective and supportive.

PROVEN: Designed, Utilized, and Refined over 25 years of Coaching.

EFFECTIVE: We support you to live the dream you really want. We support you to achieve the dream that you really want. We work with the Universe—-Source Energy supports your endeavor throughout our Process. We provide additional tools to empower your efforts. Spending time with the JoiaMuse™ is a different way to live your life.

SUPPORTIVE: YOU will have an on-going support system to ensure your Success. We have a System to improve your life and support your efforts.

Living An Inspired Life Muse Master Mind

Learn how to invoke JoiaMuses™ to bring Inspiration—Source Energy— into your Daily Life

We fuse Inspiration with Manifestation

Meet the Muse House of Manifestation during the Year of 2016

Inspiration + Manifesting Skills = Desired Life

Living a Miraculous Life with Inspiration while adding constant Uplifting of personal Energy. We meet 2x a Month in a group Setting. Calls are approximately an hour and 15 minutes. We encourage weekly (or more) Muse Partner Calls. I like having 2 Muse Partners. Up to you. The first 2 weeks of every month is focused on the Muse of Manifestation and the 2nd 2 weeks will be with a powerful New Supportive Muse of Manifestation. There is an Orientation Call for 30 minutes before each Muse MasterMind. It is for sharing Intentions for the group to hold as well as answering Questions of New Musers to the MasterMind.

Choose at least one or more “Muse Patners” from your Muse MasterMind to share your journey.

A “Being with your Muse” template that you are to use daily. Bring to the Calls.


An online Community to Celebrate and Share your challenges. Join our Facebook Page!

Membership in a supportive Book Group—WE read amazing books that are support and inspiring . Each has been chosen by Joia Jitahidi. You can Nominate a book you feel will be inspiring and supportive. IF your book is chosen you will be invited to co-host with the author if the author choses to visit our book group. The author is always invited to be a guest.

3 Practices to Blast your ACCESS to the Miraculous (E-BOOK) Use this book to enhance your daily use of the Muses. We will set Special Calls to discuss your experiences. Please share these in short “selfies” beginning with your first name and finish the sentence “I got…”

21 Days to Powerful Manifestation with the Muses. This book provides Daily Guidance for working with Source Energy through the use of JoiaMuses™. This adventure happens once a quarter. All are invited to take the Challenge. All who finish the challenge receive a frameable Certificate of Completion.

3 Practices to Blast your AWAKENING to the Miraculous ( E-BOOK) Use this book to expand your daily practices. These practices add lots of Power to your Manifestation. . We will set Special Calls to Discuss your experiences. Please share these in short “selfies” beginning with your first name and finish the sentence “I got…”

A Free ticket to One LIVE  Seminar Offered by JoiaMuses™ .

Investment: Full pay for 1 year $4444.44 or Monthly $444.44 ( includes Free Live Seminar)

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4 Months of JoiaMuse MasterMind only

$497 per month or    $1500 full pay (save almost $500)

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and we recommend the Manifesting with the Muses RETREAT

$997 for 3 VIP Days or 2 payments of $500

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

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